View Full Version : Touring Cars Donington April 10th

23-03-2005, 21:27
Anyone up for meeting up at Donington for a meet, went to a couple of BTCC races last year and Cupra R and MG Sport clubs where well represented, thought it would be good if we could do same.

23-03-2005, 21:29
ill be there mate

2 live
23-03-2005, 21:37
they did a couple of laps there b4 the clio cup race the other year...with cs........was a good day........went to the btcc at oulton as well....again a good day.......il let u know nearer time mate.....but im up for it...jus need to convince the mrs

23-03-2005, 21:45
i wouldn't mind coming to this, will have to see closer to the time!

24-03-2005, 09:32
I'd like to come along. Not been to Touring Cars for years. Could pop in to Hill Racing on the way! What weekend is it?

24-03-2005, 22:13
9th and 10th is the weeken its on, we will be there on 10th

24-03-2005, 23:40
craggy may be going to

27-03-2005, 00:12
i wont be in the willy, will be there in 172 instead!

27-03-2005, 00:35
Welcome to the dark side my friend http://www.spacespider.net/emo/sw012.gif

05-04-2005, 19:29
So, who's up for this??? Any of the NW lot let me know and we can meet up and go the "back way" to donington!!