View Full Version : FAO j3ned

23-03-2005, 16:45
Heard your the man to speak to about unlocking valver stereos when some idiot locks them out :oops:

Put the wrong code in on mine and it dont wanna know now, u got any ideas or advie you can throw me way m8?

23-03-2005, 18:19
or anybody else?, lol

J o n
23-03-2005, 18:31
he is...


2 live
23-03-2005, 20:15
dont they just extend the time netween when u can put the code in ??..get it wrong once...2 mins b4 u can try again.....get it wrong twice 4 mins etc etc ....

try pullin the battery off for an hour or so.....then reconnecting.code mem shud be reset then