View Full Version : Respray good idea?

23-03-2005, 14:39
Hi all, I'm considering respraying the front bumper and bonnet of my williams to get rid of the stone chips. Have been quoted a good price by a guy local to me who has done good work for me in the past. But was thinking about resale value. If i was looking for a williams i would expect one with a few stone chips and may be wary of a re sprayed one? any thoughts?

J o n
23-03-2005, 14:42
speak to Clean16v, he was looking at getting a group buy on this. He can already get a whole car done for £400 too.

23-03-2005, 14:43
Aslong as your not planning on selling it soon I don't see why it would matter, there will be plenty of new stone chips after a few months.... :x

23-03-2005, 15:04
£400 for the whole car!! u serious?? Thats dirt cheap. I bought my Williams and the arches and bonnet needed a re-spray. I paid about £200 just for that!

23-03-2005, 15:19
I would take a comprehensive list of photos of before and after the respray and mount them on paper and keep them with your reciepts. When you come to sell you can then show the chips and why you had the respray without them thinking it was accident damage.

23-03-2005, 15:21
rob how did u get along today at the body shop? better this time???

23-03-2005, 15:26
Delayed until tomorrow. He has still not buffed the paintwork.