View Full Version : 20% Discount on Wheel alignment - Milton Keynes

28-02-2006, 18:35
We are currently doing a 20% discount on 4-Wheel laser Alignment
Through march only - limited availability

Was £80+VAT

Now only £64+VAT for our bronze package

call mark on 01908 210 775 Quote the discount advert

Power Run £35+vat in our newly built rolling road room

Call mark for other prices & info.

Racing Developments Ltd

50 Tanners Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes

28-02-2006, 18:46
clios only need 2 wheel alignment

28-02-2006, 19:18
Does this mean its half the price? :wink:

28-02-2006, 22:17
With our equipement the front wheel alignment is taken off the rear wheels so the is no discontinuity with the front and rear wheels.

The system still uses all 4 wheels for the alignment

and unfortunatly it doesn't make the cost half price sorry


Racing Developments Ltd

01-03-2006, 16:21
Was quoted £23 for 4 wheel laser alignment and extra £15 for camber adjustment.

Let me know if you can get anywhere near this price and I may travel 1hr to you instead of 2 mins up the road lol

01-03-2006, 17:46
IIRC Renault do it for £32 or something like that

Clio b
01-03-2006, 17:48
i get mine done 4 nuffink but at my mums garage its £20 for alignment!

01-03-2006, 22:57
Demon Tweeks do it for about £30........and they use some pretty serious equipment to do it, not your normal frame with a laser on they have at tyre places.......a dedicated ramp with 4 laser wheel pods and a computer hooked up to the lot

11-03-2006, 22:19
They may do but they are not a motorsport company with years of experience working for F1, Gt and wrc teams

You are paying for our knowledge and attention to detail, we are talking a 2 hr comprehensive alignment check, not 20 mins yep that looks right.



13-03-2006, 18:24
Yes becasue deamon tweeks has sprung up overnight and know nothing about cars, and employ monkeys like quickfit

big hp
13-03-2006, 23:40
2hrs to align 4 wheels, you sure??? Can get my car aligned and corner weighted quicker then that.

13-03-2006, 23:43
easy lads, he's only pluggin his wares, simple no wud do!! :wink:

like a bloody nest of vipers this place at times!! :lol: :wink: