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23-02-2006, 17:57
Full set of Williams Seats in black leather, mint condition, will get pics up asap. pm for price.

23-02-2006, 20:01
Williams seats in leather :?:

Outa interest, why PM for price?

23-02-2006, 20:18
sorry just general enquiries, im open for offers. yeh they are the bucket seats in leather

23-02-2006, 20:23
are you sure they're williams seats and not just clio 16v or renault 19 16v original leater seats

23-02-2006, 20:29
maybe i know they wer not in leather originally. and the person who i bought them from had them done. they are exactlly the same as my williams one's apart from the headrest

23-02-2006, 21:54
how much we cant be buyers and sellers you need to put a rough guide mate ????????????

ill start at £25

23-02-2006, 22:33
ok lol. well i was looking at £100.

23-02-2006, 22:39
good price that is.

23-02-2006, 23:38
damn, im skint at the moment. i would so have em off you for that price

24-02-2006, 00:40
Put some pics plz :wink:

24-02-2006, 10:37
yeh will post pics as soon as i get my car back sunday night, so pics up monday morning when i change my seats back to my williams ones

24-02-2006, 10:51
yer when u get the pics mate if there what im thinkin they would look like i will paypal £100 straight into ur account and av erm off u


store my clio 16v leathers in the loft until RSI-Dave has the money to buy them off me :D

see....im a bloody nice guy! :roll:

24-02-2006, 15:41
lol, i think im getting R19 leather any way :P

24-02-2006, 16:08
mine is exactly the same mate

black 16v leather :D

25-02-2006, 19:33
Rear head rests?

I bet yours wont cost the same as R19 leather tho :(