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matt uk
16-02-2006, 16:36
bought by myself not long ago with it needing steering rack sorting

also had no tax

car is now TAXED and drives spot onwith no play in steering wheel

also has a full closure clifford matrix alarm with remote start!!!

MOT july 06

body work is great
wheels are good as is the interior

problems with it are.... missing spark plug cover and thats it!

mileage is 161k but i have FSH to 140k+

there is also practically every receipt in there

cambelt and clutch were done a few months ago apparently.

i believe this to be true tho as the seller was very genuine and the clutch bites very low as a new one should!.

fel free to come look for yourself in person if you want and test out the car.

cheers matt 07763747801

btw.. the paintwork is excellent, one the firat pic the "specs" are water dropplets as its just been washed just to avoid any confusion :P





16-02-2006, 16:51
i thought u were going to keep it mate?

16-02-2006, 17:11
looks mint mate and by the looks of things great value for money

matt uk
16-02-2006, 17:16
bored of it already... lol
nah not really its ace

just want another pulsar GTIR
i miss my old one to much

quality car thought i must admit

£2000ono for a quick sale and then i have enough for my GTIR :P

16-02-2006, 22:38
nice profit :D

matt uk
16-02-2006, 22:39
accepting SENSIBLE offers now for quick sale as a i've got a pulsar lined up

catch a bargin someone!!!

pm me or ring on 07763747801

16-02-2006, 23:00

matt uk
16-02-2006, 23:07

17-02-2006, 14:40

17-02-2006, 14:42
£850.01.... :wink:

J o n
17-02-2006, 14:57
pulsars are rapid, but how can you live with those looks!? :shock:

17-02-2006, 15:06

J o n
17-02-2006, 15:35
your not allowed to buy anymore Andy, remember its the "Best drivers car of the last decade"... emphasis on 'drivers' :wink:

was looking at my parcel shelf this morning... damn it looks good :lol:

17-02-2006, 15:51

17-02-2006, 17:13
£3.50 and a bag of skittles.

17-02-2006, 17:15
ow man i would so have it off you if i had the cash

matt uk
17-02-2006, 18:45
right be realistic guys

chance to own a good williams here cheap!

the body work is really really good

no rust anywhere!

drives very good

been offered £1600 so far for a quick sale which is a little lower than i'd of liked especially as that includes the tax.

anyone goes a little above that and its yours

also including brand new rear discs and pads in sale and a pioneer face of stereo

hurry up i want my pulsar! :P

20-02-2006, 12:48
a freind of mine is coming up to sell his pulsar very shortly

matt uk
20-02-2006, 16:28
what kinda money is he wanting/

would he be up for a part/ex?

matt uk
20-02-2006, 16:33

20-02-2006, 16:41
3,350 for the pulsar to see a pics and spec go on www.cruisewank.com and click on friends of cw

its on 17's with a nice polished lip lowered 40mm, running 1.1bar of boost k&n full stainless with de-cat

matt uk
20-02-2006, 16:52
bet that nippy! lol

20-02-2006, 16:58
straight swap for my new rebuilt naples

then u can go ahead and sell that and get ur pulsar

matt uk
20-02-2006, 16:59
whats spec mate any pics?

20-02-2006, 17:06
see link on last post! he said he would consider a swop for the clio for 2k aswell as car

20-02-2006, 17:08
will get some pics for u tonight

its a whole new rebuilt naples clio M reg
elec windows
full leather interior
15" wolfrace voodoo wheels
new rebuilt by hill power engine
all new engine mounts
all new suspension
all new pads
new pas pump
cv joints
wheel bearings
full magnex system inc powerflow de-cat
and other new things also
12month MOT 2 month tax

matt uk
20-02-2006, 17:17
sounds smart mate

what you think its worth

i've basically got an offer of £1800 from someone at minute which i know is low but it means i get a pulsar..

20-02-2006, 17:20
ive been offered by 3 different ppl already 2k for my clio
and 2k from another person who doesnt know if they can afford it yet so isnt official

but rather swap it for another car i like tho insted of selling mine then looking for another car

matt uk
20-02-2006, 17:24
take the 2k and give me £1800 for mine mate

makes sense

20-02-2006, 17:26
yer thats what i was thinkin but im not 100% if these sales are going to go thru and didnt want to waste my time

will see what i can do mate but cant promise anything

matt uk
20-02-2006, 17:36
ok bro be quick tho cause a new girl on here from macclesfield wants to come get it tomorrow.

i know full well she will have it cause the car is in very good condition and drives a1

20-02-2006, 17:41
nah no way i can get mine sold and yours brought in that time fella.

shame tho

nevermind. good luck with the sale :D

20-02-2006, 17:46

thats gavs car mate, its mint, looks the bollox

20-02-2006, 17:49
good lad :wink:

Clio b
20-02-2006, 17:51
awww thats well cute :D

matt uk
20-02-2006, 17:52
looks smart that mate

i'm tempted

only thing that worries me is valver prices are really dropping lately

20-02-2006, 17:54
yer cuz there pieces of shite but the looked afters ones aint.

this is like brand new mate, not rust anywhere and everything underneith is brand new, like its just rolled off the line

colour coded bump strips and callipers

just a stunning car but ive lost all passion for it due to all the money ive spent on the fookin thing

20-02-2006, 18:03
i can vouch for it bein mint mate, it looks the bollox inside and out and i know how much money time and effort gav and his dad has put into that car, i think its worth more than what gavs been offered

matt uk
20-02-2006, 18:07
if i wasnt in a hurry to sell i'd of done it as i love naples valver and that maybe one of best i've seen!

reality is though 1800 and i have a pulsar..

20-02-2006, 18:11
no worries dude when the right punter comes along i know i aint got nothing to worry about with it being perfect for the buyer. Someone will av it one day, im not advertising it at the moment so not in a HUGE rush really just if the right car comes along [like ur williams] i'll try and have it, but if ur in a rush to buy ur pulsar mate then no worries there :)

matt uk
21-02-2006, 15:34
sold! to first person that viewed

missed out on a bargin there lads