View Full Version : Would it be wrong?

19-01-2006, 17:53
to put some 1.2 badges on my valver :oops: Does it need to a hybrid to qualify for this madness lol

I beat a guy in a bmw today and was thinking he would be gutted to be beaten by an 11 year old clio. If he thought it was a 1.2 as well it would be rubbing salt in the wounds lol


19-01-2006, 17:54
nope wouldn't be wrong, although i'd try to get some 1.9d badges if they do them, something a bit different. :wink:

19-01-2006, 17:56
go for it....if you want. tbh I don't think many on the road would notice but when I went to the strip i got quizzed a few times lol

19-01-2006, 17:56
nope wouldn't be wrong, although i'd try to get some 1.9d badges if they do them, something a bit different. :wink:

good idea if your valver is burning loads of oil lol

19-01-2006, 17:57
lol, just thinkin a lot of peeps have done the 1.2 badges :-k

19-01-2006, 18:00
Got sme RSi badges.....no wait that woudl mean your car is faster, not slower :lol: :wink:

19-01-2006, 18:02
I think it would be funny!! Dan has done this with his clio...put some nice 1.2 badges on!!!! :lol:

19-01-2006, 18:16
Might have a look down the scrappers then 8)

19-01-2006, 18:52
You'll be giving all the 1.2's a bad name :wink: they will think they are really quick then lol
I think it in reverse. not that many people know the 16v that well and with all the saxo's etc putting 16v on there cars, your humble Clio with 16v on it makes people probably think look at that 1.2 putting 16v badges on.

19-01-2006, 18:54
Lol, might find a standard bonnet and arches too :shock:

Not! :wink:

19-01-2006, 19:03
Oh and also on the 16v badge note. when the clios and simular cars came out, 16v sounded good.
Nowadays 1.2 16v have 16v written on them so people assume.

19-01-2006, 21:14
do it i got rt on mine...

but it is a 1.4 :oops: :cry:

19-01-2006, 21:33


19-01-2006, 22:15
im thinkin about it, but.....dunno, not 100% yet

19-01-2006, 23:08


19-01-2006, 23:57
mines just got the standard clio badges at the back,

the 1.9d route would be funny!

20-01-2006, 15:26
i'm gonna get the maxim "S" on mine..

Shit! 8)