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15-03-2005, 18:38
Can anyone help us out.

2 front wiper arms
the plastic headlight trims (with rubber)
a new wide style rear wiper
those clips for the scuttle
scuttle panel window seal
a few of those plastic screw caps for the rear windows and the sunroof.

I won't have to order a new scuttle for the last 2 will I?

15-03-2005, 19:22
I can sort you out with some 2nd hand bits if you want.


16-03-2005, 11:16
I want new really Matt. I don't NEED the above parts but I want to get it fresh looking for the FCS.

Cheers anyway. Apparently I might need your help with the wiper arm depending on what make the motor is on mine.

16-03-2005, 15:41
Ok mate.


17-03-2005, 13:52
wiper arms - drivers 7701039619 £41.41
pass 7701039620 £41.41

headlight trims - drivers 7700831690 £11.24
pass 7700831689 £11.24

wide rear wiper 7701034930 £41.55

scuttle trim clips 7703077328 50p each

scuttle panel window seal - afraid its the job lot - comes with the seal
drivers side 7701466104 £51.92
pass side 7701466102 £51.92

rear window caps - come in a hinge kit 7701366324 £10.95

sunroof caps again come in kit form 7701367405 £25.94

All prices + vat - for trade discount contact keran on 01772 329920 - tell him you know me.

17-03-2005, 14:09
**** me those are some expensive bits!

£40 for a sodding wiper arm!

Cheers anyway Matt.

17-03-2005, 16:56
got a naples valver coming in shortly - light frt end - it will have all these bits in.

17-03-2005, 17:18
I only wanted new bits 'cos mine are a bit tatty looking so if they're ok I might take them off you Matt.

17-03-2005, 17:19
I took my wiper arms off and back to blacked the back one and sprayed the front ones. Looks ace. :D