View Full Version : cup vs williams

2 live
18-12-2005, 23:46
which is quicker?? hehe :wink:

18-12-2005, 23:52

Chris n`nic
19-12-2005, 00:03
Was a great race...still can`t believe just how quick that fecker still is!...a little hairy at times tho, thankfully new tyres are coming tomorrow!


2 live
19-12-2005, 00:09
lol...forgot.....iv got all the tools and trolley jack in the boot too...... :lol:

cant believe urs pulls so well low down.....took me ages to get the gap back lol...and i had to flash u cos i couldnt see u.lol.was hopin for extra glare to shine thru the waterfall on me screen lol

19-12-2005, 00:40
spill the beans fellas

2 live
19-12-2005, 00:52
had a few little do's on the way back from bowling.....all in the name of science u understand hehe

altho chris cheated at 1 point :wink: 50 mph.......lmao.....was pretty even

*cough 2nd cough*

until the higher revs.

was weird...thats where i was expecting to lose tbh.

19-12-2005, 07:55
good going lads, werent u 2 up chris :wink:

Chris n`nic
19-12-2005, 10:33
lol yeah two 13st `ers againsts Jon with his ladys physique! :wink: (and I had a big pram in the boot as well :P )

Seriously tho it was a good blast but for some reason mine seemed to get quite breathless at the top end....maybe I need to give it a blast to the top end more often :twisted:


19-12-2005, 10:46
sorry lads but who owns which car? :oops:

19-12-2005, 10:47
sorry lads but who owns which car? :oops:

Chris' Cup vs 2lives williams

19-12-2005, 14:41
So who won? :? lol

19-12-2005, 15:17
I needed a shit too, so that would of weighed me down, plus my wallet had load of pound coins in it.

Got fookin very hairy at one point, *cough 140 cough*

19-12-2005, 15:45

2 live
19-12-2005, 16:48
hehe....was only lookin at the speedo at around the 50 mark lol.....

wasnt sure how fast we were goin...but knew it was pretty quickish like, was in the top end of the range in 5th lol

was a good comparison tho

19-12-2005, 19:29
what mods if any do both cars have out of interest??

2 live
19-12-2005, 19:36
both cars running de-cats, and both have powerflow zorsts.

the cup has a brand new engine more or less, and an r sport ecu, std other than that i think

the williams is a std megane btm end, std 1.8 valver head with std williams cams, and a chip wizards re-map