View Full Version : why do u like the clio williams???

12-03-2005, 20:48
right peeps just a question ive been wanting to ask for ages! why???

with me it is the exclusivity of the car! and it is the looks the car gets from other people on the roads! it just gives you that feel good feeling!!!!

12-03-2005, 20:48
nothing it rubbish damn exhausts dont fir properly lol

12-03-2005, 20:50
I like blue

12-03-2005, 20:54
Now my car is nearly a williams.......I would say the torque and handling would be why I would get one, plus they look cooooool lol

12-03-2005, 21:00
the blue , the gold, the seats ,the clocks,the gear stick, the widetrack, the bonnet bulge the wide arches...
the 2.0 engine, the torque the exclusivity...I love the rareness..

12-03-2005, 22:41
There is no other car, for the money etc.. which can beat it.

12-03-2005, 22:47
as gunner said.

Just love the exclusivity of it, always turns heads. whenever i pull up at lights ppl are gorping at it :)

willy 0329
13-03-2005, 00:09
i like the the fact that its a real hot hatch proper 90,s old school not one of these new fully loaded heavy ,slow,200 bhp with cup holder heavily deprecating 1 years free insurance peices of recycled coke cans :lol:

13-03-2005, 00:27

13-03-2005, 00:39

13-03-2005, 01:13
I have not seen another Willy in France yet, now thats exclusive, no wonder it turns heads, most fun car I have ever driven :D

13-03-2005, 08:57
I like.....................

....The usable power, the noise, the comfy seats, the go kart handling, the blue and gold colour scheme, the gold plaque on the dash, the admiring glances, the rarity...............i could go on and on and on lol.

2 live
13-03-2005, 11:15
i like the the fact that its a real hot hatch proper 90,s old school not one of these new fully loaded heavy ,slow,200 bhp with cup holder heavily deprecating 1 years free insurance peices of recycled coke cans :lol:

agreed lol

the shape of it....the colour..............but most importantly... the performance...... like daz said......theres nowt else in the price range, and for a few grand above.....that will touch it

13-03-2005, 11:48
I'm with gunnergibson, oh and everyone else.

The fact that it was voted no. 6 in the top 10 in Evo helps (cheers Stromba for letting them get their hands on one of the best ones!!).
Especially the fact that it beat a BM!!!!!! :lol: :lol:

Like the fact you can talk about your willy in public and on the net without getting arrested too!!!! :oops:

J o n
13-03-2005, 13:08
the whole owner experience. it has looks, power and handling, plus it has the added bonus of being able to turn heads and it gets respect from other cars that would normally laugh at a hot hatch for being exactly that. basically it commands respect and everyone loves them, even the ones that say they dont like them secretly yearn for the exclusive blue/gold one

13-03-2005, 14:11
Looks, exclusivity, performance, handling - the amount of people I get asking me questions about it is unbelievable, didn't expect that when I bought it! I even had a guy offer to buy it in a traffic jam on the M6 (much to the bemusement of my GF!) - could you ever imagine that happening in a German GTI tank??

13-03-2005, 19:34
I remember when I bought mine and pulled up in my parents driveway for the first time, had a few neighbors come over and have a look at it, drool over it and wished they could have one.

Made me feel v proud.

13-03-2005, 20:45
3 words...

Its a williams

Nowt more to it really... :)

13-03-2005, 20:54
the oil dials!!!

13-03-2005, 21:30
3 words...

Its a williams

Nowt more to it really... :)

Thats four words :roll:

13-03-2005, 21:34
hows that four words???

13-03-2005, 21:35

Thats four words

13-03-2005, 21:36
and???? he only put "it's a williams" still 3 words :twisted:

13-03-2005, 21:37
Four words

13-03-2005, 21:38

13-03-2005, 21:47
beacuse i can attend meets like i did today...great day out...

13-03-2005, 21:51
The apostrophe indicates the omission of letters. It does not turn two words into one.

It is therefore 4 words.

Because every sentence needs a verb to be grammatically correct if "it's" was a word the sentance would be nonsense due to not having a verb.

"is" is the verb in the sentence. It remains a word even if letters are omitted.

13-03-2005, 21:59
one word for u stromba! BANNED

:twisted: :wink:

13-03-2005, 22:18
Ok ill retract my original comment.

Three words now :)

13-03-2005, 22:20
LOL Ban Stromba all he does is spam! :P

13-03-2005, 22:35
Stromba see here:

13-03-2005, 22:58

14-03-2005, 00:35
What's a Williams?

Sorry, What is a Williams?


14-03-2005, 14:52
:D Back on topic - I love it because it's [it is] uncomfortable, crude and with less finesse that Jordan - everything that soft, boring, modern cars aren't [are not] and because I get a kick out of little wannabees doing a double take when I pull up to them at lights etc - silly I know but we all have to get our kicks where we can :wink:

J o n
14-03-2005, 14:59
dunno, i find it pretty comfortable, seats are the cats nads

14-03-2005, 15:09
My fat ass doesnt fit in them.