View Full Version : Good Paint For Rocker Covers

17-11-2005, 17:37
after trying what seemed to be every paint B&Q stock, i tried some stuff we sell @ work.....

Firecote, in silver, made by Tetrosyl

much more heavy duty paint than the Plasti-Kote stuff id been trying, which chipped off if you looked at it

17-11-2005, 22:33
Halfords spray paint in monaco blue does good enough for me fella, it seems to have lasted well up to now, primer, paint and laquer!


17-11-2005, 23:38
the other stuff i used had discoloured aswell within a few weeks

17-11-2005, 23:40
try and find somebody to powder coat it, i did mine on the RT in red and it came out awsome and never discoloured!!!

18-11-2005, 09:00
Powder coating is the qay forward, i've got Fred, plus another compnay local.

Other option i'd use would be hammerite