View Full Version : Edinburgh Guys? Fancy some go-karting? Read on...

15-11-2005, 21:42
Hey guys, was just wanting to know if there is any interest on getting a little meet on to go go-karting at Raceland karting centre, where I work?

Will ask one of the lads at work if it would be possible to get a slight discount but I dunno if that will work, but worth a shot. Just wondering af anyone is up for it, just give me some names and ill get some prices up for yous.

There are numerous events that can be done there as they have quite a large complex including the 930metre international outdoor track, where you get upto 70mph down the straight. I think we can do events, meaning practise, qualifying, then a final for about £45 a head, but that is what I think it is but will get prices up tomorrow and options we can take.
Or we could do 2 x 10 minute practise shots for £25 a head but the full race event is better value for money as these sessions take about 2 hours to complete.

More details can be found at http://www.raceland.co.uk/

As I said before, just note down your name if you would be interested then we could get it all organised.

Cheers Mark :D

15-11-2005, 22:41
Was there on Monday with the rest of 3rd Year Automotive Engineering class from Heriot-Watt Uni.

Been there twice now, really good!

We did it as a group of 16, which works out cheapest.

Is £37.50 each if we can get 16 people. This includes a 5 or so lap practice, 3 X 10lap qualifying sessions, and 1 X 15lap final. All 16 cars on track at the same time, which makes things fun!!! :D

This all equates to about 2-3hrs being there, so well worth it!

Mark see what kinda discount you can get us! Also see if they will fix all the karts so there is a level playing field. :shock: Its so annoying getting a slow crappy kart!

I'm defo intrested tho... 8) 8)