View Full Version : Club Contacts and Area Rep Directory

16-11-2005, 08:12
northy - Club founder / designer / bill payer / moderator / administrator

FATBOY - Club founder / moderator / administrator

flamingmonkey - Media administrator

Mr atego - official club photographer

Gaztwo - National club events co-ordinator
- N/W area rep

northy - Yorkshire area rep (temp)

williamscraig100 - South Yorkshire area rep

Bigjim - Scotland area rep

Matt wills - South east area rep

iLL_MoVeS - East Midlands rep

Williams-Jr - West Midlands rep

jan - London area rep

Nickfr - European area rep

Big hp - forum moderator

Summeh - forum moderator

If your area isnt represented / covered in the above list and you wish to apply - please email me at northy@williamsclio.co.uk or use the pm facility.

Or if you have a problem with a area rep, again let me know via pm or email.

Thank you