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09-11-2005, 11:08
From RSi, but mmay/will fit other models:

Radiator, only a very few stone dents - £20

Radiator fan c/w motor - £15

Front calipers c/w discs in 'ok' condition (same set-up at R5 GTT, 20mm smaller then valver) - £30

Front hubs (will look up hole spacing) - £10 each

Rsi Alternator x2 - £20

Std stearing wheel c/w airbag - £10

Ph1 n/s headlight c/w cracked indicator - £15

Front shocks (not leaking) - £10 for the 2

Also got most other bits off it, but minimum order is £10 exc. P&P.

Collection prefered from the midlands.

Please DO NOT PM me, either reply here or email tom@lunner.co.uk

All prices are ono btw

11-11-2005, 19:20
No one want anything?