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18-10-2005, 11:50
on the 4th July 2006 i have arrangerd / in the process of booking 15 - 20 people to go to the Nurenburger in Germany now i know some of you have been before and I asume you will be looking to go next year too!!!

So on the off chance i thaught that I would just put the date up incase you would like to book it about the same time (bit of a long shot)

So far cars going
Williams / Hybrid (Depending on what is ready at the time) :) 8)
Mates Cars:
Shelsey (180 Bhp) or 205 GTI (carbs 160 Bhp @ the wheels)
C2 GT (hopefully 150 bhp @ the wheels)
STI 8 (400 Bhp ish)
EVO 6 (350 Bhp)
Mk 1 Golf (150 Bhp)
Trophy (182 Bhp obvioulsy) :) 8)
Clio 172 or Evo 4 (Depends on Clio Sale) :)
Supra Twin Turbo Manual (300Bhp - 500Bhp)

Looking to go Dover - Calais

Havn't been before so any info would be gratefully recieved
Hotels etc

18-10-2005, 11:56
I have never been, but have spoken to quite a few RX7 owners who have been. A couple of the fellas from re:worx have been several times. There is a hotel very close to the circuit mate, book well in advance if going with a larger party was the advice i was given.

Apparently its not just the track thats unreal, the atmosphere around the track and local area is awesome, you'll have a memorable time going on others experiences.

cost wise, assuming you don;t need to get dragged from the track :shock: i have been told around £500 for a three day trip including travel cost, track time, hotel, food and beer. that does NOT include any costs for new bits on your motor :wink:

it all depends on how many laps you do obviously, and how much beer you drink heehee

hope thats helpful, i'm sure there are many others who will offer more detailed and useful info :)

18-10-2005, 12:02
cheers MooseMan

any body else with recommendations??

02-11-2005, 21:37
all them cars are quicker than my valver....so...erm...nah 8)