View Full Version : New Jeep Cherokee

13-10-2005, 08:49
Was abit embarresed to post this at first but iv just read that the 6.1 version is the fastest jeep on the market with a 0-60 of 5 secs and a 0-100 in 18 secs! :lol:

Anyways not 100% on what version this was but it was a brand spanker and looked the part, was stuck at a set of lights on a big roundabout next to him which then leads straight onto a sliproad then onto an A road, i bolted off and he followed, up the sliproad and straight into the outside lane we both go but was held up by another car, he eventually moved over (didnt drop to 4th so still in 5th) 70- 11* i pulled abit but nothing too major to loose site of him which is what i expected tbh!

Cant believe how quick it was tbh for a half ton mother!

13-10-2005, 14:01
Only one face for it....



13-10-2005, 16:03

i had an encounter with a rangerover overfinch a few weeks back but didn't want to mention it :oops: however it was worth it to hear the phenomenal noise 8)