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04-10-2005, 15:39
ok just testing the water here, i really wanna try something different as ive had 4 clios now and wanna try other cars for a while (no doubt i will go back to having a valver thought)

anyways i have a 95 clio 16v in williams blue

good condition, 449 blue with 16" mk2 172 alloy wheels with vertually new tyres, dark tinted windows, clear side repeaters (not in foto), avo coilovers,lowered all round but am gonna drop the back some more, a blue www.hillpower.co.uk sticker in the back tintless window and phase 2 bumpstrips.

a mint full williams interior except for blue carpet, sony face off sterio with remote control and control pod, sont components include tweeters, door speakers, 6x9s in the parcel shelf and a sony 10 disc CD changer.

all the engine tuning on this car was done by nick at hillpower, this includes

- piper fast road cams
- vernier pulleys
- port,polished, gasflowed head
- stage 2 ecu chip
- uprated head gasket
- de-coked head
- polished strut brace
- hillpower blue silicon hose water set
- magnicore HT leads in blue with spark plugs
- blue rocker cover
- K+N air filter
- straight through exhaust system with decat (original cat included)

i am certain there are a few more but i cant think of wat,
the cambelt was done where the engine was out having the modifications just over a year ago, have had a new clutch in about 3 months ago.
there is a massive history with this car and every recept to prove wat i have just stated is true, there are even photos of the car through its modification process!

there are one or 2 little bad point, just like any car that has just hit the 100K mark
there is a slight scab of rust on the nearside rear arch, a few stone chips in a few places, a few little car park dents which can only be seen if u look hard enuf, and there are one or to places where the laquor has started to peel off very slightly!
around the sunroof the roof is slighty creased, i have been told by a few guys on here that that will be the strut brace!!!

i think thats about it

what i really want to know is what sort of price you guys would be willing to pay for a car like this???

compliments and critisism are both welcome as id rather hear the truth lol!!!


and one when it was a williams replica

04-10-2005, 16:24
sorry totally forgot to mention it has a clifford G5 solaris alarm system with 3 imobillizers, smart windows and intellistart which is pretty kool

05-10-2005, 23:29
how much do u rekon this would fetch ruffly on ebay guys, or what sorta reserve should i put on it???