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02-02-2005, 10:53
Right, as some of you know, i've been a bit cursed with my 16v since i bought it two years ago...it's been bill after bill for repairs if i'm honest. Trouble is now i'm planning to go back to university and really can't run the risk of any more shocking bills so i'm thinking of selling...it's going to break my heart to do it think but TBH it's reached that point.

Now i have two questions; what would be a good, cheap, bombproof car to replace it and what do you think i'd get for my 16v?

I'd appeciate your comments/suggestions.

Current Spec is as follows and all work listed has been done in the last two years. I have ALL receipts - nearly an inch thick - and i think you'd honestly struggle to find a more mechanically sound 16v;

1.8 16v Reconditioned with new seals, piston rings etc,
Piper 270 cams,
Kent vernier pulleys,
Hillpower stage 2 chip,
16v ECU with piggyback socket installed (no need for chip to be soldered),
K-tec Polished header tank,
K&N replacement element,
BBPT low temp thermostat,
BBPT low temp fan switch,
BBPT Hi-output starter motor,
BBPT stainless decat,
Devil straightthough centre section,
Magnex backbox,
New hydraulic followers,
New radiator,
New CTS,
New alternator,
New battery,
New clutch,
New gearbox,
New Willaims driveshafts,
New water pump,
New manifold heatshield,
K-tec -35mm springs,
Torsion bar reset,
Sparco polished alloy strut brace (unfitted),
New Williams front shock absorbers,
New Williams wishbones (inc balljoints),
New Williams ARB,
New Top mounts,
New track rod ends,
New hub,
New manfold fire-ring,
New 'F16' engine cover,
New 16v rear shocks,
Manual steering conversion (mint column and rack from 20k 1.2),

New 195/50/R15 tyres all round,
Reconditioned 16v Phase 1 alloys,
New tyre on spare wheel,
Tarox Grooved fornt discs and pads,
New std rear discs and pads

Phase 2 front grille,
Williams spoiler,
Lightly tinted windows,
Clear side repeaters,
Replacement sunroof plus all new seals (does not leak),
New central locking reciever and plip,
OE rubber mats (very heard to find)
OE cassette deck,
New leather gearknob,
Williams blue seatbelts,
New front fogs,
Williams headlight trim to match grille,

Thats everything i can think of at the moment but theres probably a few things i've missed out. The car is a phase 1 449 blue example and has 143k on the clock but as you can tell from the above it pretty much mechanically perfect (as everythings been replaced). TBH the car obviously led a hard life before i got it and as such the exterior isn't the best - there is rear arch rust, a few dings here and there and the paintwork could also do with a flashover - this was on my list but times run out and i spent everything on the mechanical stuff! Interior is as described with the usual phase 1 blue fleck buckets and all guages/displays work (yeah, even the temp display!)

02-02-2005, 10:56
Id keep it. Why let the next owner benfit from your expense. Like you said its mechanically sound. As i said to the Jesus, you spent the money now enjoy the car.

Selling doesnt makes sense. Youll have problems with and 2k car you replace it with.

Better the devil you know too.

02-02-2005, 11:05
I see your point but its got to last a year for definate...yesterday was the second alternator in a year and half and it's just that *unknown* factor that i can't really worry about anymore. It's also causing hassle with the folks due to the amount i've spent on it during the 2 years i've had it...to the point where they're refusing to help me with uni etc unless it goes... :(

02-02-2005, 13:15
well mate, it will be sad to see it go especially after all this money that you've put into it, however KS is right, you'll only buy a car and have to do the usual, service, cam belt etc when you first buy it and have to spend a lot if it's not already been done before.

If you can't keep then it has to go but the unfortunate thing is that none of this money you have spent will you be able to re-coup or not very much, it just seems that nowadays valvers aren't worth very much and even mint ones don't go for much, it is sad to say it but for a phase 1 with those miles and not top notch body work then i wouldn't say over £2-2.5k even though we all know with the willy wide track etc it comes to nearly 2k for all the parts alone!

It might be worth breaking it pal as i know a lot of people will want a lot of the parts, but if your anything like me then you won't want to do that!


02-02-2005, 13:46
Plus, if you're going to Aberdeen U, the cobblestones down College Bounds will bleed the shocks in no time :)

Not the popular notion here, but a sensible(aka boring) and reliable car may actually help you focus on your studies. I quite like the recent model Clio 1.4L manual. Comfortable and quite nicely setup for fun cornering but not sure if they are reliable over there?

02-02-2005, 13:51
Id keep it. What else can go wrong ? Its nearly all new or replaced.

Or promise that the next time it does you will sell then....

02-02-2005, 14:00
:shock: Sad news if you have to sell it dude.

I have been using my student loan to run my valver for the past two years and to say my folks aint impressed is an understatement, loan goes on the car, part time job provides money for me.

Im the same as you now, everything has been replaced or uprated. but if it brakes again I will be so ****ing mad lol but I have hi hopes in both are cars to run well now. no point selling someone else a problem free car. for pennuts. Even if you get a new car this could have problems (cars are slags like that lol)

If you must sell, £3000 imo but its worth alot more.

But pls pls pls pls pls pls pls don't sell the first wide track valver :wink:

02-02-2005, 14:14
I know this is probably no help mate but I imagine I'll be selling up in a year or so for the same cost reasons.

But then I haven't got quite everything replaced yet! It's a difficult one to call that's for sure. On the one hand everyone's correct in saying that you shouldn't get much trouble from it anymore, but probably will off another used car, but at the same time it's a valver. Ergo there's every possibillity it will cause trouble again.

04-02-2005, 10:47
'A man is judged by the car he drives' - old chinese proverb


05-02-2005, 10:08
Right its been pretty much decided i'm going to get something else and i'm actually off to look round the garages today. Hopefully i can get something fun...i'd be happy with an RT...if i can actually find one...maybe a little modified but don't tell the folks! :wink:

The annoyance now will be trying to shift the thing; there isn't much interest up here for 16vs and especially for one with my milage despite what it's had done to it. Parkers are quoting a really low price and i don't have the facilities to break it which means taking peanuts (sub 1500 i reckon) :cry: Unless someone on here might be interested in doing a deal to buy/break it i'm on an even bigger looser...

05-02-2005, 14:23
Any new parts i can swap for oldens off my car before she goes? (plus cash)

06-02-2005, 12:12
KS - anything you'd be wanting would probably be engine parts which would mean putting it in somewhere as i don't have the facilities to do it myself atm. Not really keen to do that as it'd mean spending more cash...i do still have the steering rack sitting in the garage tho...

I actually test drove a few cars yesterday and OMG - what a come down from the valver! First one was a 106 diesel..pedals are so close together and talk about bodyroll...second one was an 1.2 clio and although it felt the better of the two it was so so SO slow. My folks are trying to steer me away from clios and have a 'normal' car but i think i might be able to blag a 1.2 or maybe 1.4...it'll need 'fiddled' with tho... :wink:


06-02-2005, 12:46
Only one car to get as far as i am concerned.

Honda CRX, mk1, mk2 vtec or mk3 vtec

I had both a Williams and a MK1 CRX at the same time. CRX pound for pound is a faster car. Heres the facts of the CRX:

1. Cost me 800 quid. 2k would get you a loverly low mileage example

2. As fast as my williams on a dual carriageway blast (nothing in it).

3. Stripped and with an induction kit in could keep with a TT 225, Corrado Vr6 and a S14 Silvia to well over 100.

4. It weighed under 800 kgs stripped out and put out 130 bhp.

5. It did 55 mpg if you took it easy (as stated in the Honda manual) and verified by myself.

6. A few new bushes and some new springs and it would handle very well.

7. Dont get a white one, i did and it looked shite. Red is nice.

8. The mk 2 vtec are very tunable (respond very well to breathing mods) and are very quick, plus vtec punch. Also very reliable being a honda.

9. Mk3 vtec are more powerful but heavier. Id say Mk2 vtecs are the fastest, followed by MK1's followed by Mk3 vtecs. Dont bother with a mk2 or 3 non vtec.

10. The insurance was rediculously cheap for such a fast car. Only a 1.6 and deemed non stealable because of their image.

11. I had a shit load of fun taking down more expensive machinery.

12. The engine screams like it loves it

13. Nice induction roar

14. Spent nothing on it when i had it. Nothing went wrong.

15. Tryes are small and cheap (wheels are 13's i think on the mk1, hence the fantstic acceleration)

16. I have some pics if you like.

17. Best bit. The engine is a 1.6 DOHC as found in the rover GTI so loads of cheap parts about (in the non vtec). Also Integra parts bolt straight on. Intregra discs fit under the wheels (just) and ingetra exhausts are on many examples. Prelude leather also fits straight in.

06-02-2005, 13:25
get some pics up this sounds interesting?