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03-03-2005, 20:53
Right, Im sending my £5 off tomorrow

- Are all the stickers gold?
- What size are they?
- Any chance of some silver ones for the valver crew?


03-03-2005, 20:57
they will be as follows:-


will be the sticker! if u dont like the www. and .co.uk bit them u can cut them off.

stickers will be gold outline and blue infill!

northy knows the size!

and not sure about silver ones but i reckon they could be arranged!(ask northy!

03-03-2005, 21:04
Cool cheers FATBOY

03-03-2005, 21:10
You causing trouble again young lad? :roll:

03-03-2005, 21:17
Its what I do best :wink:

£5's being sent no mater what....just be nice to have a sticker to match my wheels lol and to save being sent a gold one.

03-03-2005, 21:55
guys - the artwork has gone to be priced up.

The stickers will be internal mount only with a clear backing. The pinstriping font will be metalic gold with a dark blue block filled insert.

Im awaiting a second sample of gold to be sent to me for approval.

03-03-2005, 21:56
As for a silver one....leave it with me.

Might be able to get 5 made up on the end of the run.

big hp
03-03-2005, 21:57
Hmmm silver or gold...........

03-03-2005, 22:01
Cool northy

big hp - gold to match your wheels

big hp
03-03-2005, 22:12
Was swaying that way winston.

What are the dimensions of these stickers Northy? (sorry if its already been covered)

04-03-2005, 00:34
guys - the artwork has gone to be priced up.

Im awaiting a second sample of gold to be sent to me for approval.

So i'm presuming they will be sent as soon as you have them yourself?

04-03-2005, 08:52
I need silver to match the rest big guy!!!

Can you not make me a special set northy!

Or maybe like winston saids, gold for the real willy's and silver for the hybrids and valvers?


04-03-2005, 10:33
Can someone tell me the address and 'cheque payable to' information please.

Thx - Deano

04-03-2005, 15:13
Silver's a good idea for us non-willys. I can just imagine people pointing out it's not a willy to me!