View Full Version : Willy 3 Wheel refurb

03-03-2005, 14:21
Anyone know where the best place to go to get two of mi willy wheels refurbed? Obvoiusly im asking because of all the no-go refurbers that dont do them properly, ie silver rim ;)
One of them has quite bad kerb marks on the silver rim and would more than likely need rebuilding. If thats too much hassle or works out really expensive i might get a new wheel from either renault or a used minter from ebay...

Any ideas on a rough cost for each wheel too?

03-03-2005, 14:25
From about £35 to £50 a wheels

Fred of ClioSport does wheels refurbing (Brum) PM infinicar on here for details.

2live recommends pro clean (or something like that up North)

And Fatboy knows somewhere in Essex

2 live
03-03-2005, 14:25
where u based?

03-03-2005, 14:35
Am based up in nortwest... Wigan to be precise which is near manchesterrrr.

03-03-2005, 14:36
Use the place 2live rcommends then. Pro clean or something

03-03-2005, 14:40
£45-50 for the entire wheel or prolly around £20 for just the diamon cut edge.
Am going to send them some piccies of the kerbed wheel to see what they think.

Cheers for help once again guys :)

03-03-2005, 14:41
Ask for a better price. Haggle. Say somewhere else can do them £5 cheaper, can they beat it?

03-03-2005, 14:50
Am gonna email em so will see then. If they can sort the damaged wheel then thats alway good cos i know it would be expensive to get new wheel from reno.
Just want everthing to be purrr fect on car ;) Like us all :D

2 live
03-03-2005, 15:10
yep can recommend em mate.......only in prescott too.....5 mins from u lol