View Full Version : merry hill race

21-09-2005, 11:58
went up 2 the local shoppin centre last night and as there were quite a few "boy racers" out so i parkd up and watchd the racing.....

there were sum decent cars out, was 2 scooby turbos, tom cat turbo, evo 5 turbo which was fast as foooook! and a nova 2ltr turbo which was also suprisingly QUICK! :shock:

then of corse u ad all the other not so fast cars lol....

2 be fair not much happened really apart from sum fool who crashd his car in2 the curb goin round 1 of the islands, bent all the drive shaft, the passanger wheel was more or less sittin on the passanger seat! :lol:

21-09-2005, 12:13
would be gutted if one of our cars had a bump on a meet.

21-09-2005, 12:37
ye no1 likes 2 a car get hurt :lol:

e was quite young so prob not ad much drivin/ racin exp, IMO shudnt av been playin wiv the big boys at such high speeds!

felt sorry for him any way so we helpd him push it down 2 the local petty station jus round the corner lol

21-09-2005, 13:26
should o gone on the trip to france last year.....3 cars got bumped in total ...one a write off

21-09-2005, 14:09
bet that was a bitch getin it back! :?