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20-02-2007, 17:39
0171 - Owned by the northrop Brothers since 2006.

Northy purchased this car with a failed head and head gasket when he bought his CUP car racer from a guy in Norwich…the car was a non runner and had been laid up for numerous years in a barn. It came in the sale as a bonus.

0171 Used to be a demonstrator for its first owner at Graham Goodie racing and is no stranger to Nick at Hill Power. Receipts for engine work in the history total £4000 alone on one build. The history documents that it had a fresh engine installed prior to its trip to Nick at Hill and were reported to be running over 200bhp!

Sadly this engine didn’t last – The previous owner stated the bottom end went and all but the head was scrap. A secondhand Renault 19 engine was fitted, and the car was laid up some time later having covered a total of 130,000miles since December 1993.

A replacement 'F7R 2.0' engine has been fitted.

It has been sorned since 2006.





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24-04-2015, 13:54
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