View Full Version : Video footage.

01-03-2005, 14:58
Anyone fancy taping the video camera to the front of the car (bumper). Inm becoming sensitised to incar footage now, i need more excitement.

01-03-2005, 15:27
Well the battery on my camcorder has just decided to start working again! :) So I think I'm gonna go do some footage today...Don't wanna risk suction mount on the bonnet though! lol

01-03-2005, 15:43
What about a 0-100 type run but cam facing out of back window, looking back?

Also what about held out of window looking down at fron wheels? :D

01-03-2005, 16:05
I'll try to do something creative!

J o n
01-03-2005, 16:32
apparently Martin cant do a front facing one unless he hold it, he's removed the front glass to save weight ;)

01-03-2005, 16:50
What about the cam glues to the front wheel.

Be like being in a washing machine (insert clown smiley here)