View Full Version : *** 240bhp engine / Ohlins / Alcons - Pink car being split****

31-10-2012, 01:23
Clio 16v / Williams - Rallycar (most of you have probabley know the car)

240bhp engine just rebuilt (2k bill) and rolling roaded - 3500

Gearbox gripper and 5.2 FD - Deposit taken

Ohlins remote canister and coil over rears (use std pick up points) - 1500

Alcons brand new discs - 700

Rolling shell 2k-5k depending on spec

Lots of other stuff after these bits sell, item will be for sale and available later this month. Only deposits secures purchase.

No time wasters PM for details.

31-10-2012, 15:41
Spec of the engine ? ecu e.t.c ?

31-10-2012, 17:24
Are they front and rear Ohlins, or only rear? pics, please?

31-10-2012, 21:39
Engine and Ohlins provisionally sold.

Basic Engine spec

Jenvey ITBs (440cc injectors)
Full modded megane head
Custom Cat cams
Double valve springs
Ti retainers
12.5cr Forged pistons
Lightened and balanced BE inc flywheel
Helix Paddle clutch
etc. etc

Rebuild inc. Athena MLS headgasket, Renault Cambelt and idler wheels, Renault bolts and gaskets, renault water pump, full head stripe and inspection. 2k bill near as damn it.

Just rolling roaded at 242bhp and 181lbs - no bullshit figures as i have just just put Daz Cups ITB car (bought it for a mess about) on the rollers and did 225bhp (233 elsewhere) and its on a hub dyno so take out all the variance for tyres and pressures.