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21-08-2012, 01:07
Right as not a lot of ppl won't my full car would it be bet to strip it for parts??
Its a full running valver with a f4r will breack if get ppl won't most of it rest can go to scrap yard as need rid fast lol thanks

21-08-2012, 22:15
How much for the complete engine conversion?

22-08-2012, 13:15
How much for the complete engine conversion?

Make me a gd offer mate

The loom was done by aa motor sport and decoded cost 400
the exhaust down pipe it stainless Stella 2.5 inch dia goes from 4 branch too where ya fort cat back so remove the space for a cat that was 160 then engine coverd 80k with all 4 mounts and box has cover 65k both from ph1 172 so still. Cable throttle , just fitted a recon rad , all work fine had new clutch and belt fitted in April with hardly any miles be done , or buy the full car an you can strip it lol make ya sel some money back lol

23-08-2012, 08:51
pm'd call me on 07532228500 to discuss