View Full Version : Oil Cooler?? Do I? Advice please

11-08-2012, 16:36
Right.. just finished fixing my leaky rad, 2 days later and now it's decided to crack the oil heat exchanger. Brilliant.

Got two options;

Anyone know how much it would be to pick up a new heat exchanger/ good nick used one?

Other option is to buy a mocal oil cooler whilst I'm at it. I've had a search of the forum, be around 120 for pipes, sandwich plate and rad but will also want new samco hoses (which I also just bought) without the connection to the heat exchanger. Am I right? Is it possible to get these hoses 'silicone style' (I know some old valvers will have original rubber ones)?

11-08-2012, 16:44
aaaaaaaaaaaand I know the heat exchanger is pretty useless and a proper cooler would be better but its mostly used on the road.

11-08-2012, 16:45
tbh the easiest option is to get a replacement oil heat exchanger unit, new will be extortionate so try Mat Brown. If you want to get rid of it you'll also need the non-oil cooler water pipe on the side of the head - 1 on the left of the pic. Also the hoses you'll need aren't available in silicone & are a renault only item


11-08-2012, 20:29
Cheers paddy,

This was a big help in making my decision. Heat exchanger it is.. no more time or money for getting all the other parts!!