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clio turbo
24-03-2012, 13:02
I now have a clio williams 2 which I will be stripping for parts. Parts available are:

Complete engine (only done 79k)
Manifold and downpipe
Speedline gold wheels complete with centre caps
Blue dials
Blue seat belts

Plus all the other bits and pieces. Located in Romford, Essex and still complete so engine can be heard running!

24-03-2012, 13:18
What exhaust is on it? If standard, what sort of condition.

24-03-2012, 13:40
I'm after a tailgate. No rust though. Must be clean. I'm only an hour from you!!

24-03-2012, 15:47

clio turbo
01-04-2012, 17:46
Right I have finally got the car today and started stripping the interior, bodywork etc. The engine is still in the bay at the minute but will be removed this week. I have 8 old MOT'S to prove the miles of the engine from having 254 miles in January 2001 to 74167 when it was last MOT'd in September 2009. Also some paperwork Mark Fish motorsport on 1 reciept of 1800 Also others from renault and other places and again one over 1200 in one hit.

Most of the body panels are throw away due to rust and dents.The car has also come up trumps with apex suspension front and rear, silenced de-cat and polybushed dogbone. I am hoping to have the car stipped and gone by the weekend so all parts will be available. If anyone would like a non sunroof for a conversion please let me know and I will cut it off otherwise I won`t bother to do this.

04-04-2012, 19:00
how bad are the doors?

05-04-2012, 09:08
have you got the fuel filler neck please? if so pm me.

06-04-2012, 13:28
how much you after for the driveshafts?. could collect today if poss

06-04-2012, 21:33
need the drivers side seatbelt, must be in full working and clean condition.

clio turbo
08-04-2012, 08:30
Both driveshafts sold.

Fatboy will come back to you about the seatbelt when I look at it today.

28-04-2012, 14:07
Hi mate, Need a front bumper in good condition. Are you selling it.?

29-04-2012, 21:06
have you still got the wheels mate if so what price? cheers

29-04-2012, 21:36
He sold them. There currently in my garage, sorry

clio turbo
01-05-2012, 19:43
no bodyparts I am afraid. I have bits and pieces left so if anything is needed please PM me as I don`t get on her much.

01-05-2012, 22:10
Pm me a price for the engine bud. I could pick up if i like the price, cheers.

clio turbo
02-05-2012, 07:37
Pm me a price for the engine bud. I could pick up if i like the price, cheers.

Its sold already

clio turbo
07-05-2012, 20:18
williams wishbones- sold

williams dials- sold

rear lights- sold

Interior seats - sold BUT still have all the plastics including the RARE speaker less front door cards and all the williams interior pattern on the door cards aswell if anyone is interested.

23-06-2012, 14:22
I don't suppose selling the wheel centre caps separately? I'm missing one

29-06-2012, 01:09
Scuttle Panel?

29-06-2012, 16:06
Inlet cover? Spark plug cover? Exhaust manifold heatshield (I shouldn't of even typed it)

matty w
29-06-2012, 17:07
I've got scuttle panels mate

02-07-2012, 23:02
did you sell the suspension?

30-06-2013, 19:29
Hi, have you got the manifold heat shield and front engine cover.

30-06-2013, 19:49
Hi I am after a few bits if you have them:

door solenoid for passenger door (i assume either will fit),
the plastic cover that fits on the rear wiper arm to hide the nut,
the smoked plastic cover that sits on the roof near the interior lights,
Both door trays (what condition are the ones you have)
Scuttle pannels as well if youve got them



30-06-2013, 19:50
I've got scuttle panels mate

Is it painted? How much do you want for it (them)?

30-06-2013, 23:58
something has left?