View Full Version : Mk1 Track Car Breaking **Big Spec** - Including Many 172/182

03-08-2011, 13:58
The time has come to break my Mk1 Track Car - if you have followed my thread you will know I built a new engine for it a few months ago so I could do a few more track days, and I knew there would be a market for it when I came to sell.




I have created a spreadsheet listing all the main parts that are for sale for ease. I have many other spares which will be listed in due course. I will update the spreadsheet as I go along - Green = Available, Red = Sold - Simple as that.

Please Note: The car is still complete, and is going to be broken over the the evenings and weekends in due course. The parts are not ready to be sent out immediately, so bear that in mind. If you are interested in a part I will let you know how long it will be until it is sent out.

Click Here To See The Parts For Sale > http://www.f0xy.net/ClioParts.pdf

I have pictures of most parts, so please ask if you want to see them. Otherwise have a browse of my build thread in projects as most are in there also.

Over the years I have purchased and sold lots of parts on here, and I do not work on 'dibs'. Money talks - so if you want an item I require full payment to secure it, or at least a deposit if its going to be a while until its sent.

With regards to payment, I avoid PayPal where possible due to the fees. Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash are my preference, but it can be discussed.

I am open to sensible offers on all parts. All prices exclude postage. Small items will be sent via Royal Mail, and large items with next day courier at a flat 10 rate. Very large or heavy items will be collection/meet only.

The fully caged/painted shell will be for sale in due course also - more details on that soon. Any questions please ask in the thread or PM me. Cheers.

12-08-2011, 01:07
Lots has now been sold, PDF has been updated. Remaining parts:

Gearbox (1.8 16v JB3 inc Bolt in Differential Plate as standard - 25k mile use. I also have original purchase reciept from Renault.) - 250.00
Mk1/1.8 Alternator (inc. Genuine Valeo Regulator) - 50.00
Mk1/Volvo Alternator Brackets (Powdercoated Orange) - 35.00
172 Coilpack - 20.00
172 Starter Motor - 35.00
182 Starter Motor - 35.00
FK Highsport Coilover Suspension (Mk1) - 225.00
Mk1 Gaz Rear Adjustable Shocks (Fully Rebuilt 350 Miles Ago by Gaz) - 80.00
N/S (Passenger) 172 Driveshaft (Brand New Outer CV Boot) - 50.00
Williams Anti Roll Bar - 35.00
Speedline 15" Williams Wheels (Powdercoated Black) - 300.00
Goodridge Braided Brake Lines - 30.00
Mk1 Steering Wheel Boss - 30.00
172 Cup Master Cylinder - 35.00
Mk1 Headlights (Pair) - 30.00
Mk1 Rear Ph1 Lights (Pair) - 30.00
Odyssey PC680 Lightweight Battery (Brand New) - 80.00