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05-05-2011, 16:10
I'm partially breaking my willy 2 as a donor for my track car so i'm ready for Donny in time.

Ideally i want to leave everything in-tact and just remove all the running gear and williams alloys for my hybrid, and sell the shell on as rolling.

I'd be looking for 700 for the shell if anyones after one or wants a small project? I think this is a fair price as running gear set up would be around 500 plus a set of williams alloys at 200 in effect with a little labour time you'd have a williams for 1400.

The car is MOT'd till september and tax till end of July. will start removing lump etc next weekend so the shell should be ready in a couple of weeks,

let me know if anyones interested :)

08-05-2011, 10:09

08-05-2011, 10:36
What exactly are you taking off?

09-05-2011, 07:40
What exactly are you taking off?

I'll get some pictures uploaded once i'm back on my home lap-top,

Basically all i need is;
pretty much the whole engine bay to put in my ph1 valver shell,
Clocks (but will replace with a set of valver clocks)
a williams wheels (the car will be sold on a set of ph2 valver wheels)

may need the odd couple of bits such as a fuel line but everything else will stay on the car,