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04-08-2005, 13:22
Hi all

i have a williams 3 for sale, 1995 N reg, 4 previous owners, last owner had it just under 4 years, standard car except stainless back box. Also has 17 inch oz super t's fitted, this car needs the bootlid replacing as it has been lightly reversed into something, no damage any surrounding areas. it also needs both rear wheel arches repainting, i have taken some pics, so if someone could help me there, it has done 75,000 miles and has a full and comprehensive service history, had a full service including cambelt, reconditioned gearbox and new cat in the last couple of months, mechanically it is spot on, i dont think the wheels suit it at all, they are painted a cheesy colour of gold which has flaked in a few small places, i personally would take these off and paint them silver ( they would sell on here or ebay for about £400, very common fitment so suitable for many different cars) i would source a set of original wheels for it, then email matbrown or paul mitchell to see if they had a tailgate. paint both rear arches and the front bumper too, as it has a small patch of paint missing that looks as if it has been pressure washed off, and buy it a new set of decals. finished article would be a williams 3 with a relatively low mileage and fsh in excellent order. plus you could sell the wheels that are on it now to recoup some of the outlay, as some of you may know i work from home, so you are probably wondering why i am not doing this myself, well simple reason is that i have two cars for sale already that are in saleable condition and a couple more looming, unfortunately space is at a premium so this one has to go. i will consider breaking it if i get offered good enough prices for the parts, but i would rather not as its a gem of a car, and far too many of these get crashed and broken, this one drives excellently, pulls strong and the interior and the rest of the body, other that the bits mentioned above are excellent. but as i said i have enough on already.

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08-08-2005, 14:04
Can you PM me you mobile.......I mite pop up and have a look

J o n
08-08-2005, 14:20
engine bay is very clean

08-08-2005, 15:51
pm replied to,
the car is a gud un, it just needs the paint, paul mitchell has a bootlid for £80 delivered, that makes it even cheaper for someone


J o n
08-08-2005, 16:13
you had a quote for the arches/sills etc yet? might be worth selling it with a quote for the work that needs doing?

08-08-2005, 16:19
yes the paintwork would cost me £400, thats both back arches sorted and the front bumper, plus the £80 mentioned for the tailgate, i have had lots of work done by this bodyshop and they are spot on

20-08-2005, 13:15
car still for sale?

20-08-2005, 13:26
no its sold