View Full Version : Sunroof Blanking Panels

20-09-2010, 11:27
Any interest for these?


Was looking at getting the Fibreglass one - £97.

Just need 5 people for a 10% discount, 10 for 15%.

Leaking sunroofs seem to be quite common, I can't be the only one looking for an easy fix?

Here's the Email he sent back to me.

Thanks for the enquiry. That is actually a mistake as we donít wet lay our fibreglass sunroof panels anymore. Like the carbon, they are infused which means the gel that is used is introduced to the part while the part is under a vacuum so it ends up very evenly spread for a uniform thickness. The finish is gloss black and there is no need to paint unless you want to.

The website only shows the carbon sunroof blank but the fibreglass is exactly the same just a black gel coat finish on the outside.

Any questions and I'll forward them on. Might ask on Clio16valver or cliosport if it gets some interest on here.