View Full Version : How much for a Megane 2.0 F7R?

30-01-2005, 18:08
I've decided on having one of these to replace the tired 1.8 in my valver. How much would i be looking at for one of these?
Also what exactly would i need to make the change over?

31-01-2005, 17:43
I've seen one go for just over 200 quid on ebay fella, but thats a feckin steal...I reckon 400-500 quid....

31-01-2005, 18:04
In short bolt the meg BE to your 1.8 head with a 2ltr starter and bolt your 1.8 flywheel on too before bolting the gearbox on. Chip wise, you can use either a willy one (may be dependant on edition tho), a 1.8 chipped to 2ltr spec at say hillpower or, if your short of cash, you can run it on just the 1.8 ECU temporarily.

You can't use the complete megane engine because it uses (correct me if im wrong) dizzyless ignition and the inlet maniold won't fit the clio bay either. You also can't use the 1.8 16v starter as it won't fit due to the extra webbing on the 2ltr blocks.

31-01-2005, 18:07
^ Damn - forgot to login! :oops:

22-02-2005, 00:53
im using the complete megane engine in my phase 2 16v

the one on ebay that went for around £200 was one of mine...it actually sold for £380, the ebay auction was ended early

2 live
22-02-2005, 10:18
u managed to fit it all under the bonnet mate?? the megs inlet manifold fouls th bonnet dont it?? coat off hook ready lol

gettin rid of the ignition is easy enuff...just whack some willy cams in with dizzy drive and goto dizzy set up

22-02-2005, 11:33
well i heard it fouls the bonnet, but i dont believe it. ive compared the inlet manifolds thoroughly, and the meg one maybe sits 5mm max higher. its smaller in every other way.

as for the management, the head needs machined to accept the dizzy boss....not particulalry hard, it was just finding the equipment to do it! as for the cams....the meg ones have the key-way for the dizzy drive!! renault, eh! ive got piper ones in mine tho.
you could use the megane loom if you REALLY wanted to, but ive kept the 1.8 loom because i can map the ECU myself, and its less head work!

2 live
22-02-2005, 12:07
lol..jus whipped the plate coverin the drive up on the meg head in front of me....lol.never really looked much at the head.....yep see wot u mean lol

easy enuff to get it machined tho.....

22-02-2005, 12:18
like i said, its easy if you can get your hands on the equipment. i milling machine wouldnt do it....

2 live
22-02-2005, 13:02
local machining co. will have the equipment tho mate

22-02-2005, 16:44
none of the ones round me (10 or so, all reputable) did

24-02-2005, 19:26
4got to mention...the ISCV, throttle pot, and NTC1 (air temp sensor), all need sorting, in that the F7P gear doesnt fit on the megane inlet. its not to difficult to sort tho. also the EGR needs ditching, but again it isnt much of a problem

21-03-2005, 17:32
i am the person who bought Stan's Bottom end :lol:

21-03-2005, 17:52
F7R 710 £695 - Got one in stock - mint low mileage from a 99 coupe

22-04-2005, 19:05
Exactly wot jonnyk's was from!

28-04-2005, 21:32
Thought I would venture over here.....

Was quoted 550 for a 40k megane f7r with 6 months warranty. A few come up around 300 quid mark on ebay now and then.

I'm still waiting as had two engines I won fall through on ebay.

I'm planning on getting megane engine worked on with my kent cams/hydraulic followers for a 1.8 16v if they will fit and also attached to my existing supersprint manifold. If not will have to use 1.8 head on 2.0 bottom end.

29-04-2005, 18:51
Theres more work than just changing the cams in order to use the megane head.