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24-02-2005, 15:23
At a guess i would say thae car will be:

200 bhp
0-60 in about 7 seconds
Handle worse due to weight
look like a round bubble
Be un-agressive

If 200 bhp is the figure, i would say we are in for a fatty of a new car. For insurance reasons (and legal liability) no manufacturer is going to let a small car costing 15k get to 60 in less than 6.5 seconds because of the safety implications of high speed in small car, plus the implications of stepping on the toes of their sporty range (no one will buy a V6 at 25k if a 15k Clio goes quicker). So at 200 bhp it looks like the new Clio will be around the same weight as the Civic type R.

Makes me laugh the sad people who think that because the car 'may' have 200 bhp it will be some kind of rocket ship. They forget every car from every manufacturer has got bigger and heavier over time, and as a result power has had to go up, but performance has stayed about the same (except cornering, where a light car will excel).


24-02-2005, 15:28
But the V6 won't be in production, with no view to replace it. I suspect that 200bhp will be the figure and it would be a bit heavier though.

Ultimately no small hot hatch will ever be as good again due to the restrictive EU safety design standards.

Old performance cars are coming in to their own I reckon. I see more and more '80s and '90s performance cars each month.

'90s ones offer the best trade off of safety versus refinement and performance that will ever be possible.

24-02-2005, 15:42
No maunfacturer will produce a sub 6 second car for less than 20k. The faster it goes the more the price hikes. You pay a premium for performance. Even if the Clio V6 disapears, they still wont want the Clio to step on the Megane 225's feet.

I agree with what you say, People assume that technology has moved the performance sector on in the last 20 years. What the facts actually show is that the performance of the more expensive supercars / specialist has increased (money is no object), but that the performance of the family / small sports car market has decreased due to most of the technology going into safetly features. Like i say, some manufactuers could probably make a small car do 0-60 in under 6 seconds still for 15k. But they wont because so many people would die and then take the manufactuer to court claiming negligence.

24-02-2005, 15:43
Still look on the bright side, at least on this site we dont get Jeremy Townsend droning on about how he bums his V6 and 182 everynight :D

big hp
24-02-2005, 15:47
I love The series 2 RS turbo. IMHO they look very nice. I would probably sell my valver if I could find a mint H plate Grey S2.

Old school hot hatches rule.

24-02-2005, 15:50
lol jeremey bellend

Smokey McPot
25-02-2005, 12:05
I say make your own.

Im sure someone with enough money can create a RWD V6 using a valver body and the right colour paint :D

who's up for the challenge?

25-02-2005, 12:15
Isnt someone on CS making a rwd rear engined V8 clio from a phase 1?

big hp
25-02-2005, 12:17
Yes there is. Can't remember who though. Based on a 1.2 shell though IIRC.

25-02-2005, 12:40
Bet you'd need ear defenders for driving that!