View Full Version : 449 16v breaking or rolling complete shell with out engine

25-01-2010, 22:14
hi there i am going to be breaking my 16v 449 valver, everything is available apart from exhaust and the engine that was in the bay ( although i do have a spare 16v engine on the drive ),

ideally i would want to sell her complete ( without exhaust and engine ) due to the fact i can be quite lazy and would struggle to find time break,

there is a bit of rust on the rear arch in the common place, and the bonnet has a very small dent in were it has been shu,t on a bolt which was left on the suspension bracket, it also has stone chips on the front of the bonnet, there the only down falls atm which is all i can think off,

the car does have full service history and has covered 97k, it has good tires and the interior is in mint condition,

i am lookin for 400 for the complete rolling shell, or i will begin to break,

if any1 would like some pic's il put some up at the weekend,

thanks for you's time reading


25-01-2010, 22:18

25-01-2010, 22:20
leighton buzzard, about 10min from milton keynes

26-01-2010, 17:29
Why are you breaking it when it sounds perfectly fine?? lol

26-01-2010, 18:26
because i have a bmw 330 m-sport, and im finding that great,

also im gettin a bit tight on my morgage and need a quickish sale, tbh its my own fault i spent too much over christmass and im payin for it now, lol