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23-02-2005, 16:44
URL: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=10410&item=4528843877&rd=1

Williams number 0223 is up for sale on ebay at the moment.... 1.5k last time i checked. Its based in portsmouth, so I went and had a look at it this lunch time.... Auction ends tonight at 6:30pm, some comments below if anyone off here is interested in buying it:

its got 104k on the clock, the lad (25ish), has only had it for a year, he says he bought it from a garage for 4.5k. makes me wonder why he is selling it so cheap, he wants 2250 for it. and its been up for sale for a while.

Cosmetically its err well, a bit of a sorry state. There is no rust, except on the inside bottom of the tailgate. Didn't look as dark as my 449 Sports Blue, so made me think it was a respray, would also say why there is NO external rust on a car thats done 104k, not even stone chips in the front of the thing.

Its had a knock to the rear 1/4 panel, drivers side, nothing bad, the paint work is still intact, its just pushed in a 1/2cm with a 10cm crease, this could easily be pushed out though.

The front and rear bumpers were not on properly, and either the tailgate was sitting wrong, or the passenger side light cluster was hanging too low.... the rear bumper was hanging about 1cm to low, you could get your fingers between the bumper and light clusters. The front bumper was sitcking forward to far at one side. Kinda made me think its got a twisted shell perhaps? Or just damage from the previous bump.

The wheels are in very poor condition, refurbed already i think as the paint is all bubbling off them, even in the middle of the wheel, so made me think they are poor refurbs, or someones left alloy wheel cleaner on them too long, lol.

Gummed up exhaust joint, backbox-centre piece joint.

Engine runs ok, accelerator peddle didn't have as much travel as mine does. Felt ok. Car handled ok, although the front passenger side spring is snapped as its sitting lower that corner, very noticable.

The car is standard, except for a K&N replacement filter. Didn't seem to pull as well as mine, but i dunno... standard exhaust...

Personally I wouldn't buy it... needs a lot of work doing to it. but for 1.6k or whatevcer it goes for, could be a bargain if its not bent.

Williams number 0223 btw, forgot the reg plate.

23-02-2005, 16:52
No paint? Get it Daz, minter. :roll:

23-02-2005, 16:55
possibly if it hasn't been resprayed mate... but only had a quick look at it and couldn't tell tbh... just noticed it didn't look quite as dark as my 449, could have been the light, or the fact that it was dirty...

stromba u got any info on 0223?

23-02-2005, 16:57
and the fact that the tailgate was rusty inside... but no rust on the archs or sil. bit sus...

23-02-2005, 16:59
No i havnt. Its missing off my database.

23-02-2005, 17:04
lol, do u have anything on 0389? ;)

also i added you to msn, but u aint online? or ave u blocked me? :)

23-02-2005, 17:05
Sounds like Irish Nuts before he spunked all his money on his.

23-02-2005, 17:08

This is this car i beleive?

I have nothing on 0389. I am at work at the moment. Ill be on msn when i get back home.

23-02-2005, 17:08
hows that mervin ?

23-02-2005, 17:09
yeah thats the one, his name is Wayne Priddy.

23-02-2005, 17:11
he also mentioed about recently buying a house.

23-02-2005, 17:12
Irish Nut spent a fortune getting his ship shape. It's had a new rear 3/4, as well as virtually everything mechanical replaced.

Apparently when Riverside in stockport got it on their ramps one of the front springs fell out! That had also snapped. All new braking system etc. Theysaid the engine was about the only thing in good nick.

Looks mint now. Think he's just got the wheels to sort, as they've been refurbed in a horrid orange/yellow colour!

23-02-2005, 17:16
Is that a Williams 1?

23-02-2005, 17:19
Yep. Don't ask me for the number as I can't remember. I'll buzz him again to register though.

He was in a pile up the week after getting it back from the bodyshop :cry:

However he's now on the road to having it back. Virtually the same damage as mine when my g/f trashed it, new bonnet, rad, fan bumper grille etc.

23-02-2005, 17:24
Surely ex-girlfriend now :wink:

23-02-2005, 17:32
Nah. I was very understanding. I wanted a new bonnet and bumper anyway!

23-02-2005, 17:36
GF driving the williams ! surely not!

23-02-2005, 18:01
1hr 30mins left and its on 1.8k! yikes.

23-02-2005, 20:00
gone for 1850 ! yikes.

24-02-2005, 12:03
I test drove that one, it seemed ok to drive, was a bit tappy at idle. The rust on the door and milleage put me off. He seemed to genuinly need the money for deposit on a house

24-02-2005, 12:11
so was it a deal or a dog for the money ?

24-02-2005, 12:26
Cant complain at 1850. People want too much for the money they spend. Breaking a Williams makes 2000 so anything under that IMO, no matter the condition, is a bargain.

25-02-2005, 23:47
yade, yeah it drove ok, altho it felt a bit soggy with the acceleration compared to mine... also seemed to require a fair few more turns of the starter motor to get it going, even when warm... mine starts instantly.

I think it would have been a bargain so long as the crash damage is easily fixed. Looking at the wheels though I think it just needs some TLC.

By the way the ebay auction fell through, so the guy is still selling it. Second time ebay has let him down.

25-02-2005, 23:53
Ill give him a grand for it

26-02-2005, 00:19
I bet you will!

Not if i get there first. :P


26-02-2005, 00:20
LOL. You greedy git. You have 3 already. Wouldnt mind getting hold of that ex riplash engine. It a fast one.