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17-07-2005, 18:55

Williams one for sale, due to a new job and being forced to buy a diesel :cry:

The condition of the car is average for its age. It has done 117k miles.
Inside it is in very good condition, on the outside there are a few scratches, some rust around the rear arches, and the wheels could do with refurbishing.

In 2004 a cobra 7928 alarm system was fitted, for which i have the installation confirmation certificate (needed for insurance purposes).

The car has had 6 previous owners.

The cambelt and trackrods have been recently been replaced.

It has four months tax remaining, and has recently passed its mot which now expires in may 2006.

I am looking for around £2000 for the car, but i am open to offers so please get in touch if your interested. I am located in Coventry, and my telephone number is 07725732506 or 07725733801.

Thanks for looking.

17-07-2005, 19:48
Which number is it??

17-07-2005, 20:33
Oh yeah forgot to add that bit. Its number 310.

17-07-2005, 21:01
Get some pics up!!!!! :D

17-07-2005, 21:26
Could be a bargain unless it's a complete dog!

17-07-2005, 22:27
Its not mint, but its definately a 'complete dog' as you so politely put it Jan. As it says there is some cosmetic bits that need looking at, but my description describes it quite accurately. It would be a waste of my time and a potential buyers if i describe it as mint, which it clearly isn't. Your right tho, it is bargain for the person who has the time to touch up the cosmetic side of it. The reason why its cheap is because i need to sell it as quick as possible as i brought a diesel today and can't afford to insure two cars.

I will put some pics up as soon as possible.

18-07-2005, 13:00
Just sent u a pm gem!

21-07-2005, 22:34
Hi, i have now posted some pictures of my clio on:


Any question, please ask.