View Full Version : First real clashes in the 2.0 hybrid...

14-07-2005, 09:33
well after two years of ownership you would think i would have come across a few cars, but today was quite strange...
firstly came across a Civic Type R, first time i have been in a situation where one has "tried"...both on our own...

Was very close... i was behind him single road, and was pulling on him in every gear - but very slight.

Second - 306 GTi-6 - better result, and once again pulling on him in every gear. I was two up, and he was on his own.

then i came across a Golf VR6 both on our own again... this was much closer, but then i did have a full tank of petrol. Once again slightly pulling on him in every gear...

Then lastly i can across a new golf 2.0 TDI... yep TDI, and this was with a full tank of petrol again, and i have to say these things pull pretty well!! did pass him, but not where i thought "easy".

So quite eventful day lol...

14-07-2005, 09:38
Hmmmm Chris I can keep with Type Rs, was it tuned?

You thrashing my car fella! tut tut! :shock:

14-07-2005, 09:38
class....whats the general spec on the car mate ??

14-07-2005, 09:45
yeh, but keeping and actaully pulling on him are two completely different things... i would have passed him in forth... but obviously being a single road i backed off...
dunno if it was tuned, you cant tell.... but i was pleased...
to actaully be pulling on a type R to 110 was pretty good going i think??

as for thrashing it, im merely keeping it in form :wink:
why have a 2.0 which you pottle around in..?

14-07-2005, 09:47
Agreed Chrissy boy, I will admit they normally start pulling on me at higher speeds and there is no way I'd be able to take one in the CRX.

Ladies and Gents this car moves very well indeed! :D

14-07-2005, 10:02
you looking forward to it now mate?? - im gonna miss it i tell you, especially when i know how well it performs

14-07-2005, 10:10
Yeah, can't wait at all, still waiting to get the Del Sol in the bodyshop so I can get it up for sale, it's driving me nuts as I'm not overly patient with anything!

2 live
14-07-2005, 10:31
sounds like u having fun mate. lol

wouldnt have thought the vr6 would have caused any probs tho....until ur above 130 anyway, cos they fly after that. my mate has 1, chipped/filtered etc, i can leave him for dead. but get us on the long runs and he jus comes past usually bout 130....and proceeds to leave me lol

14-07-2005, 13:03
LOL, must have been a good one, did just fill up with 40 quid though...... plus i didn't really have a clear run...... as it were.

tomorrow morning ill be looking out for him.... love coming to work now he he

14-07-2005, 13:14
Chris look after my baby plz! :(

14-07-2005, 13:58
Top bombing....type -R owners never want a doo with me.. :(

2 live
14-07-2005, 14:18
lol.i had a do with 2 sperate type r's one each way to/from fcs lol......same result tho hehe

14-07-2005, 14:25
funny u shud menshion type Rs! i was on my way 2 meet my m8 last nite wen this civic over tuk me thats wen i noticed it was a type R, for about 10 mins e ad been right up my ass :twisted: as e pulld in front of me on a DC which was ****in STEEEEP! (was more like a 2 laned hill lol) i dropd it down in2 2nd n we was both offi kept with him till the 1st island wen we both slowd down and lukd at each other then we was both off agen!

back on the the DC and i started gaining on him! we both had passangers, just as i changed into 4th i was along side him! gotup 2 about 6000rpm n i overtuk him on a sharp lukin bend at which point i think e let off cuz i left him 4 dead :D lol

my 1st little race since iv had the willy2 8)

J o n
14-07-2005, 14:58
lol.i had a do with 2 sperate type r's one each way to/from fcs lol......same result tho hehe

hehe, one on way back looked gutted when you were right on him backing off... gave me chance to move lane and actually get past you for once, musta been doing at least 10mph more than him... so can only guess as to how much he was holding you up... slow jap crap... hehe

14-07-2005, 15:01
I cannot wait to blow a Civic Type R away, watch the faces of the owners when a 12 year old Clio overtakes em! :D

J o n
14-07-2005, 15:17
yup, you should be easily as fast to about 110-120ish as std if it's a goodun... which it deffo is from things I hear, meant to be a right fast one Chris'! once you get cams though it's game over for em, not even in the same league tbh... i'd say things like std-mildly tuned Cossies, Escort and Sierra, Scooby's, anything under 280bhp is more than fair game and other big reputation motors. i've been 1 car behind a Lancia Delta Evo 2 from a standing launch with my old gearbox (not good for standing launches either as some people know! lol) and he was stripped and we were both 1 up... I was std then too, so with current gearbox it would have been tuther way round and with cams... no chance!

14-07-2005, 15:31
Chris's is cammed :twisted:

J o n
14-07-2005, 15:47
aaah, no wonder it's fast then! lol

it should be quicker than CTR's then all the way to red line in 5th... hehe

14-07-2005, 15:52
Think its a road cam he said, it's after market but I don't know much about it really but I know the thing shifts all the way to over 150 then hits the limiter :D

J o n
14-07-2005, 15:55

has it been 1/4'd?

14-07-2005, 16:26
No it hasn't been done yet, when I own it I'll get her up there.

Estimated mid-low 14s fingers crossed! :D

J o n
14-07-2005, 16:43
that's roughly what i'd be hoping for mine in current spec... maybe a 13.9 ith a remap and cams all timed in...

14-07-2005, 19:08
Top bombing....type -R owners never want a doo with me.. :(

You need a 1.2 badge for the rear :wink:

2 live
15-07-2005, 10:26
lol.........the ctr on the way down to fcs was pretty funny...he was miles in front at 1 point but i was in a hurry, he sped up when he saw me.but i had to knock it down into 4th to stop meself from runnin into him......

he then started to weave all over the mway doing weird hand signals lol...so i backed off him..he looked demented....shudda got him on vid gunner lol