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22-02-2005, 19:06
how much would i get for my willy 1 b/n 61, with 36,000 miles, fsh(not renualt, but detailed history), in excellent con.

J o n
22-02-2005, 19:11
quite a lot if your patient! seen some going for £6-7k+ fairly recently

22-02-2005, 19:53
Condition is more important than mileage, but if its A1 condition then youll get 7k. Stone chips, minor scratches, and a rusty subframe then 5-6k.

22-02-2005, 19:59
I got just over £6k for my williams III with similar mileage and near mint condition... although i had FRSH its not really worth the paper its written on, lol :lol:

If your patient then u should be able to get a good price...

Although if i were u id just keep it :wink:

big hp
22-02-2005, 22:39
Its only worth what someone willing to pay for it.

Hold tight and £5500/6500 isn't unreasonable but it'd have to be pretty damn good to get the top end of the scale.