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17-03-2009, 15:58
This special offer from Opie Oils is for the excellent Trico NeoForm Beam Blades, which are the latest high performance single piece wiper blades.

Original Equipment on a growing number of new vehicles, beam blades continue to grow rapidly in popularity. Designed with sleek modern styling to compliment the aesthetics of today's vehicles, NeoForm blades have the look and function of the latest OE blades, but with the value-added performance of Teflon® resin. Each blade features a 'skin coating' that seals the aerodynamic spoiler to protect it from the elements for superior all weather performance. The patented, twin point coupler delivers constant, even pressure across the entire windshield for a smoother, more consistent wipe. Typical traditional wiper blades have only 6 or 8 pressure points, while NeoForm beam blades' infinite number of pressure points continuous pressure across the length of the wiper.

NeoForm blades are uniquely engineered to provide conformed wrap to today's highly curved windscreens. They provide; Enhanced Durability, Superior All Weather Performance, An Aerodynamic Profile, and are easy to install.

These wiper blades are not cheap! We’ve seen them for as much as £25 a blade!

At Opie Oils we are charging between £20 and £30 a set depending on the size etc with an automatic 10% discount for Members.

We would like to offer a group discount on these blades, with an increasing % discount the more people that are buying. Remember, the discounts are on top of the normal 10% that we offer to Members.

10 people = Additional 10%
20 people = Additional 15%
30 people = Additional 20%
If we can get over 40 of you buying we will offer a 25% discount!

For a clio mk1 year 90-98 you will need 2x NF500 blades for the front windscreen, here is a link to them.
Our Non-Members price is £21.45
Our Members price is £19.30

For a clio mk2 year 98+ you will need a NF530 and a NF450 for the front windscreen, here is a link to them.
Our Non-Members price is £21.01
Our Members price is £18.91

For a clio RHD year 98+ you will need 2x NF530 blades for the front windscreen, here is a link to them.
Our Non-Members price is £21.45
Our Members price is £19.30

We are giving an additional 25% off if we can get 40+ people commited to buy.

By following the link below you should find your car. All NeoForm blades are prefixed by the reference NF.


We will leave this open until the 25th of March and see how many we can get, on a list. Any questions please feel free to ask.

The www.opieoils.co.uk Team

NB. Prices exclude carriage http://www.opieoils.co.uk/t-carriage.aspx

20-03-2009, 14:57
come on guys! put your names down :D

20-03-2009, 18:49
I got mine on Cliosport.


21-03-2009, 23:48
Ok, we'll close this next week if there is no interest


25-03-2009, 12:52
Group buy now closed. Sorry this offer couldn't be on any interest.


25-03-2009, 13:10
i too got mine on cliosport :D

21-08-2009, 11:52
im lucky if i even turn my wipers on, clean windscreen and rain x is where its at ;)