View Full Version : Christmas Clearout

24-12-2008, 17:39
ive decided to have a clearout to keep the rents happy and now have a couple of bits for sale

a valver interior with mint valver seats, front doorcards,original speaker protector things and back arch plastic stuff 60

rear shelf with 6x9 holes 5

1.8 16v engine(no gearbox) 117k on it depending whats needed in the sale 50-100...(yet be taken out of car but will be very soon)

a brand new continental cam belt...(only selling because i had one and it was cheaper to buy the kit than just the tensioners :001_unsure: )

some old kenwood 10 disk cd/cassete changer 10 (good if you want to sell your car and keep your good headunit)

pics to follow if theres interest....and when someone teaches me how to use a pc haha

24-12-2008, 18:00
the cam belt.....is it a kit and what car did u buy it for? i need the kit u see :D

24-12-2008, 21:40
the cam belt is just the belt im afraid and is for a williams or f7r engine
and im asking 15 as i forgot to put a price...
hope that helps??