View Full Version : soft pedal conversion and williams alternator

19-12-2008, 16:31
soft pedal conversion for either williams or 16v

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williams alternator

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19-12-2008, 16:56
whats the conversion consist of? how does it alter the pedal feel?

19-12-2008, 17:19
consists of release arm and bolt on bracket for the gearbox

tbh i dont think its necessary on a well maintined standard clutch setup, i love the feel of my willy.....ahem, but on the turbo with the snatchy paddle clutch its almost an necessity

19-12-2008, 17:35
Thats not answering daz tho :roll:

Does it make it feel softer or harder....tbh i prefer clutch pedals to feel harder and for my thigh to start burning through holding it lol

And glad u like the feel of ur willy loser, i am yet to see it....get some pics sent over

19-12-2008, 17:42

the idea of the conversion is to make the pedal lighter/softer to depress, on a std clutch set-up you dont need it at all!!!

i run the r5gtt uprated clutch in mine with std pedal/fork and it is very snappy, but ive learnt to cope with it!!

19-12-2008, 17:46
yea summeh has an uprated clutch in hes......drove hes and hard to get used to but fine after a day i suppose....

Just has a biting point and thats it....only stalled once tho :wink: :roll:

19-12-2008, 17:49
lol i always use to stall mine, but mine is cammed too and idle is uneven lol fun trying to set off from lights, u tend to stall/bog or go like **** lol

19-12-2008, 17:53
All the more fun im sure......i wouldnt no i dont have cams! :evil:

Your have to let me drive urs one day... :wink: :P

19-12-2008, 18:30
oh right, might not be much use to me then - I was hoping it'd be a sly way of fixing this re-ratcheting bull shit it likes to do.

Garage said I might need a new clutch due to how heavy it is but I told him thats how they all are - he looked at me funny :lol:

Clutch feels nice and tight though?

19-12-2008, 18:34
will make ratchet issue worse probably mate, it was a ball ache to set it up correctly on the turbo with std cable and soft pedal, kept poppin ratchet etc untill finally cracked it :D

oh and it makes it feel erm, well softer :lol:

leigh-anne, check ur inbox :shock: ahem :lol:

richy, ****in ey man, ur clutch is bloody hideous untill u get used to it, even then its infintely more snatchy than my paddle setup, muchos weird :lol:

19-12-2008, 18:39
mines fine till it warms up then it ratchets its ass off for a few depresses then its fine.

oh and I apologise to Lewis for stealing his thread a little bit :oops:

Still its publicity 8)

20-12-2008, 00:32
leigh-anne, check ur inbox :shock: ahem :lol:

22-12-2008, 14:04
R5GTT uprated clutch with standard release arm FTW!

Stall-tastic! :P