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big hp
20-02-2005, 23:12
I've just ordered 4 Goodyear eagle F1's, 195/50/15's (look away KS) from mytyres.co.uk £139.60 all in. Just see if they turn up now.

A quality price by my reckoning.

20-02-2005, 23:33
Sounds like a bargain fella, providing you can get them fitted cheap(ish).

20-02-2005, 23:35

big hp
20-02-2005, 23:36
My mate works at a Porsche race team and they don't mind him stopping on doing his own thing. So no problem there.

It'll cost me a few pints, which i'd of bought him on a night out anyway :D

20-02-2005, 23:36
Bargain price :shock:

big hp
20-02-2005, 23:37
:lol: @ Stromba

21-02-2005, 02:03
GSD2? Or GSD3?

I get the GSD2 here fitted for slightly less. Made in Thailand. Can't tell much difference with the German made ones. Check the manufactured dates; the compound gets quite hard after about 18 months storage. Best tyres for monsoon rain driving!

big hp
21-02-2005, 10:14

21-02-2005, 17:42
Tried hard to find Goodyear F1s here in France, I used to have 255/35/18 on my 330ci, they were excellent are they any good on a Williams?

I bought Bridgestone Potenza RE720 195/50/15 in France for £62.50 fitted, so far as good as F1s me thinks, any comments ( I have this wierd thing about tyres, watch people driving seriously quick cars on total S*** there is a huge price difference is it worth it??

21-02-2005, 18:01
Fook me that's cheap. Got mine 18months ago for £220 all in off them!

21-02-2005, 18:07
Bloody hell, I've just checked them and they've plummetted. I need 2 new ones soon so may as well get it booked in when I get paid on friday.

J o n
21-02-2005, 18:29
works out as about £35 per tyre, pretty good price, although try and find 185/55's that cheap! lol

22-02-2005, 01:31
ive just ordered 4 new goodyear eagle f1 gs-d3's aswell... cant wait for um to turn up, shud be some time this week hopefully.

Did quite a bit of reading before i ordered and it was a toss :) between the goodyears and the bridgestone potenza's as they are quite popular for 205 gti's my mate says...

think the potenza's even come out better in some tests.... but they are slightly more expensive, only a few quid, but ive heard good things from other willy owners, so went for those.