View Full Version : williams drivers side front hub nd shocker needed!!!

06-12-2008, 13:22
Hi guys, does anyone have a drivers side front hub and shocker for sale? I really, really need these parts to finish my build. I've fitted the same parts but off clio 1.8 16v but the wheel is cambered in and I've been told that I acutally need the same parts but for a williams to make it sit straight.

Can anybody please help because the front o/s wheel wont sit straight.
I can be contacted on 07926515067 any time or please message me if you have the parts or any advice. Thanks, Rich.

06-12-2008, 17:46
Only the shock is different, the hubs are the same.


06-12-2008, 19:51
get a set off camber bolts for the shock off k-tech racing