View Full Version : Williams/Valver original centre section exhaust

29-06-2005, 10:27
Selling my Williams centre exhaust section, its standard, 2.25" bore. Its only 6 months old and covered about 4k miles.

Anyone interested? want about 50quid for it.

Will fit a valver

in good condition.

29-06-2005, 10:59
sent you a PM on Cliosport, any idea how much postage would be?

29-06-2005, 12:19
Sorry mate, have now ordered a new one, cheers

29-06-2005, 19:30
hi mate i did reply... bout 20quid i would imagine, that was going by what motorsportworld charge for pnp of centre sections.

how much was ure new one?

30-06-2005, 08:50
Dont really wanna say, think its best if i dont!

Cheers anyway