View Full Version : valver 1.8 16v engine

15-11-2008, 12:48
its a standard 1.8 16v, i took it out my clio about 7months ago an to be honest been sittin outside on my drive the whole time, the only thing that was wrong was stem seals were goin, i.e on over run it started to smoke, but that was it an i didnt take the engine out for that reason, iv put a tunned willy engine in there an its now on tb's. the engine WILL NOT come with the gear box as i had it recon'd 8months ago an want it as a spare for the willy engine,

the engine is takin up space as u can imagin, an just want to get rid of it. i dont knw how much there worth, so im gonna put it at 40

my number is 07959 397205, an i live in leighton buzzard near milton keynes,

25-11-2008, 14:27
Hi, I am interested in 16V head.
I from sain-petersburg, Russia,
Is it possible to send it by post?

25-11-2008, 18:38
dats gonna cost to get that posted!!

27-11-2008, 07:16
how much?

27-11-2008, 16:57
hi there, sorry i havn't checked this for a while, and i have no idea on how much it is to post, but if you want you can arrange a couirer yourself, post code is LU7 3FF i am willing to strip the engine, let me know if you get a price,