View Full Version : steering wheel boss

25-09-2008, 19:50
is there a knack to getting these off? i asked this before, but i can f***ng get it off! i've obviously taken out the bolt that goes in the middle and beat the s**t outta it but still not budging. any further tips? cheers. :evil:

25-09-2008, 20:02
Ours was a real pain to get off but then all steering wheels are. Normal technique is, bolt the wheel back on. LOOSEN the main bolt in the middle enough that there's a gap but DO NOT REMOVE!!. Then both feet on the brake pedal and haul on it like your life depended on it. stop every now and again and bang the wheel hard on the left and right sides alternately then haul on it some more.
Eventually you'll hear a bang and a jolt, this is when you'd have knocked your teeth out with the bolt removed. Whip the bolt out and remove the whole thing

Dont bang the bolt in the middle you'll collapse the column