View Full Version : Calipers front and rear, ABS unit, Clocks, Seats, Panels etc

20-09-2008, 19:43
Have broken the Clio up for parts, engine and gearbox have most definitely gone. All the parts seem to be in good condition and all work as they should. Not giving the bits away but i'm open to offers on everything.

If anyone needs anything let me know and i'll do my best. seats and the interior are in very good shape, boot has only got a slight bit of rust underneath. Clocks show 77,000 miles and all work as they should. seat belts are in very good condition.

Again taking offers on everything.

Cheers Tim

20-09-2008, 20:08
I'll ask before somebody else does, where abouts are you ?

20-09-2008, 21:51
Sorry should have said, live near a town called haywards heath in sussex.