View Full Version : Breaking Williams 1 in Falkirk Central Scotland

12-09-2008, 22:34
Guys i am breaking my williams 1 after getting bored with restoring it and finding more and more rust on it as i go along.

Everything is good apart from the shell.

Everything available apart from the body
has mongoose (i think) exhaust
good engine (ebay)
good driveshafts one being brand new.
good interior.
bright yellow powdercoated front wishbones with brand new ball joints and powerflex bushes on them.
brand new gearknob

Anything just ask

Please not though i am offshore until the 26th September so am unable to take bits off it until then but if you want to hear the engine or that my Dad will come and let you see it

13-09-2008, 16:17
how good is the boot strip mate and gear nob and also parcel shelf, need to be MINT :lol:
cheers nathan

13-09-2008, 17:46

13-09-2008, 17:57
What condition is the manfiold heat shield in. I am looking to tart my bay up a bit, but it would need to be excellent condition.

What tyres are you running on the Williams wheels also?

13-09-2008, 19:05
saw this on ebay, what number is it?

13-09-2008, 19:28
boot strip is no good gearknob is brand new parcel shelf is good but not the one with suit carrier that was missing.

the wheels havent had tyres on them since the refurb.

13-09-2008, 19:31
manifold heatshield is in good nick.

It is currently wearing no 214 however it is not the first number the car has had as the first was stolen. The replacement is a genuine which i bought off mat brown

any parts are first come first served make me offers but bear in mind i cant post until 26th september. I can take paypal and will secure parts with payments or for piece of mind will even put a quick listing on ebay for anyone.

13-09-2008, 20:08
Can I buy the plaque as I want it. (Relax guys for a keyring)

If you can get it off STRIAGHT £20?

13-09-2008, 21:30
What kinda condition is the interior in? How much?

13-09-2008, 22:41
jamie if you want the plaque bid for it on ebay comes with a free dash for£20 quid id rather keep it for myself

13-09-2008, 23:00
Its on ebay? I will take a look, cheers.

16-09-2008, 16:52
how much for the gear nob mate and is the parcel shelf a williams 1 as i have the suit carrier here if will go on to it and how much for that

16-09-2008, 18:45
the gear knob is provisionally sold mate but the parcel shelf. I don't know if the suit carrier would fit onto it im no sure what it involves. Perhaps someone on here could shed some light. The shelf is mint so want £25 posted for it.

16-09-2008, 18:46
how much for the ecu ?

20-09-2008, 06:54
really wany the ecu to sell with the engine. Its advertised alongside it at the moment.

21-09-2008, 18:40
How much for the subframe mate and the wishbones? Can I have first shout on it mate if you have it as its the only thing I need to finish my build. Thanks :D :!:

07-10-2008, 18:25
Have you ever changed the gear box? What sort of milage has it done. Looking for the box as im not sure if mine will last out the week :shock:
What would you want for the box and zorst? 8)

15-11-2008, 05:22
Rear Shocks: Price please.

15-11-2008, 11:13
sorry guys no longer breaking this now transplanting everything to 1.2 shell for a track toy