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06-09-2008, 10:44
Hi, Had a bit of an accident involving a tree in the williams, and now the car doesn't look to good. Called the insurance company as i thought i was Fully Comp, they said i wasonly tpf&t. When i had asked them to upgrade the insurance to fully comp when i brought the clio they only did it on a temporary basis for some reason so now i' screwed and have to do it myself. Have managed to source some of the parts i need but due to size etc... they can't really be sent unless can find a good courier.

I'm after,


I'm not sure what they are called but i'm also after the panel that sits between the radiator and the bumper and the panel that is bolted between the headlights and behind the grill.

Any input would be a great help,

Cheers Tim

06-09-2008, 11:36
u mean a slam panel...

would be best to buy this from new as even being bent slightly I understand it'd a bugger to fit. my ex has a willy and we had to have a new one due to a crash. I forget how much we paid. but think that's def a Renault job! worth it being sprayed up too otherwise will look odd.... comes in black

06-09-2008, 13:11
could always post in the wanted section, that would make mat look

06-09-2008, 14:11
could always post in the wanted section, that would make mat look

He's already been in touch with me, i have the parts but am too far away.


06-09-2008, 14:30
I have a Williams 3 breaking soon, and I'm in the South East, but unfortunately mine has front end damage too.

14-10-2008, 20:25
i have most of the bits. In Leighton Buzzard if thats any good.