View Full Version : Snetterton 22nd September - In association with PFC & GD

J o n
15-05-2008, 14:30

15-05-2008, 15:34
whats the wc price jon with 5 cars ???

15-05-2008, 15:49
200 for a sessioned day?!?!?!

Thats on a par price wise with FCS

J o n
15-05-2008, 17:08
dont think it can be done any cheaper Northy, there's no profit being made on this as the cost to hire the track is massive... I'll ask anyway though (Richy, you have PM)

It's sessioned to a total of 2 hours on track at a guess, 6 x 20 minute sessions, which is easily enough for me personally, as I only go out for 20 mins before tyre pressures are all over the place, brakes are fading and the oil temps right up there.

If you can get it cheaper than PFC and GDI have managed to Lunner then great, hire the track and set it up, otherwise shut up you miserable cheap skate :roll:

15-05-2008, 17:35
I'm not a cheap skate i just like value for money

22nd May 169 for a full day open pit lane

10th June 169 for a full day open pit lane

24th July 119 for a SESSIONED novice day

12th August 169 for a full day open pit lane

Think you need to research your arguements first, esp before you start throwing insults around

J o n
15-05-2008, 17:59
value for money? It's peak season, has tuition FOC and is being covered by PFC and wont be overbooked, so sessions wont be crowded and the track will be emptier.

If you are interested fine, but as you aren't kindly bugger off :yap:

15-05-2008, 18:01
Was just informing members that they may be better off booking mid season, in the middle of summer, for less money and more track time

J o n
16-05-2008, 17:50
just to update, it's not actually sessioned, that was misinformation, it's open pitlane.

Just to clarify, there will be FAR less numbers of cars there than you would get at another trackday, the tuition is free and PFC magazine will be there doing a feature.

It's 29 more than ones you have mentioned above Lunner, but half the cars on track at once and free tuition. So actually it works out cheaper.